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Rise Sport Performance Training

Changing Lives, Building Champions

Training Services

Sport Performance

Offered for athletes from the weekend warrior to the professional, from youth to adult, this service is built for those that are always looking for that next step in their athleticism. From injury resilience to peak pre season conditioning, it’s a great opportunity improve your performance like never before.

You want to step Out Of the Ordinary and Into Extraordinary. 

You Have Come to the Right Place.

Run Coaching

Whether your first race or looking to improve performance, we got you covered.


Through Team RunRun and using Final Surge app, get customized training and unlimited feedback along with vast resources. 

More info here: 

Run Strong

Focus is mobility, core, healthy feet as a pillar for performing your best and reducing risk of injury.

Wednesday 430pm class full, Contact if interested in a Monday or Thursday class!

Tactical and Occupational Athletes

Whether you are going for high PFT standards or preparing for the season, get Optimal Results. Some of my clients include Beyond the Edge Rescue, Wildland firefighters, SF selection, and police looking to advance their career.

Get the drills, develop the skills, to dominate your chosen field of play.

This class is a progression from techniques to peak conditioning.

More info coming soon.

Gain "real functional fitness," confidence, commitment, and team camaraderie.


Develop injury resilience, strength, and overall conditioning using traditional tools, bodyweight, and earth's finest to help you achieve Your Best in life and play. ​

Throw in a little fun, doggie hikes, and we have a win!

Try us out with your

Free Week Trial.

All levels welcome

Speed and

Outdoor / Indoor Small Group Fitness

Get to Know Rise Sport Performance Training

It’s in My Blood

​Tammy Kovaluk is a strength and conditioning and running coach currently based in Bend, OR - coming soon back home to Canada in Nelson, BC. With her MSc in Kinesiology and Sport Performance, Tammy has 20+ years coaching athletes from youth to the professional in a wide range of sports. 

Tammy is a

- certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS through the NSCA),

- certified speed and agility specialist, and

- corrective exercise specialist (FMS Level 2).

Her degrees include a

- BSc in Kinesiology and Biology (University of Victoria) and

- MSc in Kinesiology & Sports Conditioning (AT Still University, where she received an award for academic excellence).

She writes strength and conditioning articles for: 

- NSCA (National Strength and Conditioning Association),

*current contributing a 4-part series on hockey strength and conditioning topics

- American Football International

- Mountain Tactical Institute *Sample article Here

Tammy brings over 20 years of experience in everything from rehabilitation to nutrition consulting to achieving peak performance. She has helped numerous athletes attain scholarships, fulfill their dreams, successfully complete Special Forces Selection, get their first win, or attain new achievements they had not thought possible. Tammy did not grow up as an athlete, but delved into it near the end of high school. Physical training has changed her life, and she is passionate and dedicated to helping others achieve their best.


She was a competitive amateur boxer, cross country runner, triathlete (including IM Hawaii), and elite obstacle course racer. She was the overall winner of the 36hr Ultimate SUCK (2020, both men and women), broke two Guinness World Records for burpees, and continues to push and challenge herself in new ways, including more records, ultra running events, and designing and completing grueling strength-endurance challenges to fundraise for animal rescues and survivors of domestic abuse. 

On June 5, 2021, Tammy broke two Guinness World Records for Chest to Ground Burpees with 6,116 in 12 hours and 6,260 in 24 hours before deciding to stop due to injury. She broke both previous records (5229 for 12 hours and 5555 for 24hrs) before the 10hr mark, fundraising for Harmony Farms Sanctuary. This is a testament to her belief in what she is instilling to those she trains. Embrace discipline and consistency to do what is needed, push yourself when you are not sure you can, and believe in yourself. 

​Tammy loves trail running and hiking in nature, strength training, animals, and as a true Canadian, hockey! She continues to push and challenge herself in new ways. She believes in leading by example and is very passionate about continuing to push herself as a coach, helping others achieve their best.​

Some Teams/Sports:

- Westshore Rebels Junior Football (strength and speed coach)

- Belmont Bulldogs High School Football (strength and speed coach)

- Victoria Eagles Baseball

- Salpointe High School softball

- Dirtbags Baseball

- Hockey (dryland strength coach: from 4 year to NHL prospect, including goaltenders)

- Soccer (strength and speed individual athletes, from youth to Olympic hopeful)

- Tyee Swimming (dryland coach)

- Blackbirds Rugby

- DeJong Men's Curling

- Esperero middle school cross country (assistant coach)


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