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Rise Sport Performance Training
Changing Lives, Building Champions

A comprehensive strength and conditioning program is a must for bridging the gap from being ‘good’ and ‘great.’ Our programs emphasize explosive strength, power, and stamina as deemed for your sport, while developing proper movement patterns for sound athletic development. We do not do generic personal training programs, as they have no place in sport. To achieve your best requires training based on your sport biomechanics, physiology, and individual strengths and weaknesses. You are an athlete. You have goals. Your time is precious and you deserve nothing less.


Sport Performance, Occupational and Tactical Athletes 

  • All comprehensive training programs address injury resilience and foundations through peak performance as based on your sport or job requirements. 

  • Options for in person or online. Team training or individual. With online team or group training, included is personalized service whether it is working through an injury, or achieving specific goals. Contact for consult.

Private In Coaching:

Individual or Partner Training ------------------------------------- $70.00/hour session ($35.00/per partner)

Small Group Training of 3-6     ------------------------------------- $75.00/session (divided among all)

Team Training ------------------------------------------------------- as low as $5/session per athlete. Please contact 

Speed and Agility Classes

  • Info Coming Soon

Team RISE (small group outdoor training)

  • $100/month for up to 3 classes per week

  • $60/month for 1 class per week

  • Current schedule: Mondays, Wednesdays, Thursdays at 5:0pm.  Please contact for our latest schedule and options. Try out the first class for free! *Outdoors in a variety of locations in Bend.

Customized Run Program and Strength Training 

  • Through Team RunRun and the Final Surge app, individualized programming and coaching to get you to your best. Whether it is your first 5k, qualifying for Boston, triathlon, ultras, or obstacle course or adventure racing, we got you covered!

  • $125 per month for Run Coaching / $200 for Run Coaching + Run-Specific Strength Training. For those in Bend, includes "Run Strong Classes" First month $50 off 

Run Strong Class

  • $50/month for 1 x 45min class weekly. Includes quick homework sets. 

  • Included for athletes coached in running


Classes and Events

Sport Performance

Offered for athletes from the weekend warrior to the professional, from youth to adult, this service is built for those that are always looking for that next step in their athleticism. From injury resilience to peak pre season conditioning, it’s a great opportunity improve your performance like never before.

You want to step Out Of the Ordinary and Into Extraordinary. 

You Have Come to the Right Place.

Run Coaching

Whether your first race or looking to improve performance, we got you covered.


Through Team RunRun and using Final Surge app, get customized training and unlimited feedback along with vast resources. 

More info here: 

SAR, Military, 
First Responders

Whether you are going for high PFT standards or preparing for the season, get Optimal Results. Some of my clients include Beyond the Edge Rescue, SF selection, and police looking to advance their career.

Get the drills, develop the skills, to dominate your chosen field of play.

This class is a progression from techniques to peak conditioning.

More info coming soon.

Most Services Available In Person or Online

The goal of this class is to gain "real functional fitness," confidence, commitment, and team camaraderie.


Develop injury resilience, strength, and overall conditioning using traditional tools, bodyweight, and earth's finest to help you achieve Your Best in life and play. ​

Throw in a little fun, doggie hikes, and we have a win!

Try us out with your Free 2-Week Trial.

All levels welcome

Speed and

Outdoor Small Group Fitness

"I`ve been playing hockey for 15 years and have met and worked with many different gyms and trainers. Tammy is hands down on a different level. Everyday you`re looking forward to going to the gym and know that you`re going to have incredible results. 

I know working with Tammy got me to the next level and I achieved long and short term goals” Brandon Egli - currently living his dream and playing hockey in Europe.

“Rise Sport Performance Training has provided me with a fantastic training opportunity to help prepare physically for a special forces career in the military. Tammy has worked with me to create a dynamic training plan that fit my current fitness level and that lead to constant improvement. Joining the gym over a year ago, I was recovering from ACL surgery and since then I improved far beyond my fitness level before the surgery, including max PT scores. Without Rise, I would not be where I am today!” John C. Air Force CCT

"ln my role as one of the strength and conditioning coaches I had the opportunity to watch and learn under the tutelage of Tammy Kovaluk. Tammy worked with the Belmont Secondary School Bulldogs Football Team for a period of approximately 16 months and it shows in the development of the members of the team. Her knowledge and understanding of how the body works has taken a group of young men to a level of play that they will all tell you would never have occurred without her. Even though she has moved away she continues to advise individual members and the coaches on training methods. Furthermore, her presence is still felt on a regular basis as she provided a multiphase strength and conditioning program and pre practice/game activation program that is being used to this day. As a former sergeant who has experienced leadership in many styles, both effective and not so effective, I can say that Tammy has the ability to inspire athletes to get to the next level and higher and she will easily earn the respect of her fellow coaches.

I feel that Tammy would be a benefit to any team or individual who wants to perform at the next level in any sport."

"Tammy was instrumental in helping my daughter in the next step of her dream of the Olympics. Riley became stronger, with more stamina, diminishing her weaknesses. She always enjoyed working with Tammy, who blended injury resilience, specific strength, speed and agility, and even some boxing training! Riley has accepted an offer to U of Washington, where we look forward to keeping in touch with Tammy."

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