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Rise Sport Performance Training
Changing Lives, Building Champions

Sport Performance. A comprehensive strength and conditioning program is a must for bridging the gap from being ‘good’ and ‘great.’ Our programs emphasize explosive strength, power, and stamina as deemed for your sport, while developing proper movement patterns for sound athletic development. We do not do generic personal training programs, as they have no place in sport. To achieve your best requires training based on your sport biomechanics, physiology, and individual strengths and weaknesses. You are an athlete. You have goals. Your time is precious and you deserve nothing less.

Life Performance. As with Sport Performance training, focus is on developing proper movement patterns alongside corrective exercise, stability (balance) and mobility work, and strengthening exercises to keep you enjoying life to the fullest and "real functional fitness" whether it is carrying those groceries a little easier or being able to embark on your first athletic event, as based on your goals. Outdoor or indoor training is welcome. 



Individual or Partner Training ------------------------------------- $65.00/hour session (or $35.00/per partner)

Semi-Private Training max of 5------------------------------------- $275 per month for 2 x week, $375 for 3 x week.

Run Strong ---------------------------------------------------------- $225 per month for 2x week.

Team Training ------------------------------------------------------- as low as $10/session per athlete. Please contact 

*Most training currently held at the athletic center adjacent to the boxing gym. Fees include gym membership. Optional to pay your own membershipsand reduce fees accordingly!

Program Design

​$275 Initial Program includes *Consultation  *6-8 week program design including demo links for most exercises *2 x 1hr personal training sessions (additional time or sessions at a reduced rate of $60/hr)

$150 Program Updates Includes 1 x personal training session to go over the revised/updated program. Any additional time charged at a reduced rate of $60/hour, charged in 15min increments.

Please contact Tammy at for other options based upon your personal needs (ie 45min sessions, personalized program design, zoom training)

Customized Run Program and Strength Training 

  • Includes Final Surge app, individualized programming and coaching.

  • $125 per month for Run Coaching / $200 for Run Coaching + Run-Specific Strength Training. *First month, receive $50 off

"I`ve been playing hockey for 15 years and have met and worked with many different gyms and trainers. Tammy is hands down on a different level. Everyday you`re looking forward to going to the gym and know that you`re going to have incredible results. 

I know working with Tammy got me to the next level and I achieved long and short term goals” 

Brandon Egli - Victoria (currently living his dream, playing hockey in Europe)

"Words cannot express the gratitude I have to have Tammy in my life. As an avid outdoor lover and athlete, she has been instrumental in keeping me healthy as I age. I look forward to her fun and engaging workouts 3 days a week in a mixture of our garage and outdoor setting. Tammy is extremely knowledgeable with individual needs, physiology, injury, and recovery. She has changed my life!"

Becky Fee, Oregon

“Tammy, I love the program you designed for me.  My body feels like it is in athletic harmony and just works well in general.  I don't remember my body ever feeling this way before.  I have so much spring to my step and actually look forward to going to the gym.  I challenge my strength and my ability to focus when I work out, but somehow it doesn't feel hard.  I feel confident and my body feels resilient.  I want to thank you for all of your studying and hard work to bring your skills to others.  I didn't believe a day would come where I could live pain free and not be afraid of injury.  Now I feel fantastic.  Thank you so much!”      

Danielle Teannotte, Alberta

(post car accident)

"Tammy was instrumental in helping my daughter in the next step of her dream of the Olympics. Riley became stronger, with more stamina, diminishing her weaknesses. She always enjoyed working with Tammy, who blended injury resilience, specific strength, speed and agility, and even some boxing training! Riley has accepted an offer to U of Washington, where we look forward to keeping in touch with Tammy."

Mike Brown, Arizona

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